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Foreign paper box packaging recycling strategy


For decades, the international community has reached a general consensus on the disposal of solid waste, including express packaging, which is to manage the whole process of solid waste in accordance with the waste hierarchy principle, and to prevent it in advance according to the disposal strategy (try to avoid waste). Reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery (incineration power generation, etc.) and harmless treatment.

Germany: Legislation standard mandatory recovery
Germany issued the "Package Waste Management Measures", suggesting that packaging waste management should be carried out in the order of "reduction, reuse, recycling, final disposal", and set the recycling target and time limit of different packaging waste, mandatory Sexual requirements Packaging manufacturers and distributors are jointly responsible for packaging recycling, and also developed quantitative standards for packaging waste from collection to final disposal.
Germany also introduced the "Packaging Recycling and Recycling Law", which requires that in addition to packaging manufacturers, companies engaged in transportation, agency, wholesalers, and retailers must also be responsible for recycling packaging.

US: Recycling packaging companies can reduce taxes
Since the 1990s, the United States has been paying attention to green packaging. In order to improve the enthusiasm of enterprises for recycling packaging, the US state governments have appropriately exempted corporate-related taxes based on the recycling rate of enterprise packaging. At the same time, the United States also stipulates in the Resource Conservation and Recycling Law that [reducing the consumption of packaging materials and recycling and recycling packaging waste".

Japan: Encourage packaging recycling
Japan not only develops and implements the "Packaging Recycling Law", but also works on the construction of recycling systems, and encourages the establishment of a large number of recycling stations in the country. After consumers classify packaging waste, the Japanese collection and transportation system will dispose of the classified packaging. The materials are transported to a dedicated processing center for recycling and re-manufacturing by means of timed recycling, collective transfer, and the like.

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