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African food packaging market demand analysis


From Nigeria to the whole of Africa, there is a strong market demand for food packaging machines. In the past five years, with the increase in the number of large and medium-sized retail markets in Nigeria, the demand for commodity packaging has grown rapidly. According to the data, the Nigerian flexible packaging market has sales of 245 million US dollars, which is the second largest soft packaging market in Africa after South Africa.
At present, the largest category of Nigerian manufacturing is food, beverages and tobacco, and the three industries have the largest output and contribution in manufacturing.
As the world's largest consumer market for MSG chicken and soup, Nigeria's monthly consumption is as high as 10,000 tons; biscuits, instant noodles and other products are equally popular in the market; Nigeria imports about 12,000 tons of tea each year to meet the needs of the domestic market. Beverages are mainly based on beverages with summer heat and thirst, such as mineral water, tea drinks, etc. The rapid growth of young people's mouth has also led to the massive import of carbonated drinks, juices and functional beverages.
It is reported that agriculture is the main industry for the development of economy in West African countries. In order to overcome the problem of preservation of crops and improve the current backward distribution of agricultural products, West Africa has vigorously developed food processing industry. The potential demand for local fresh-keeping machinery is expected to be huge.
South Africa is a country that lacks cultivated land. The land area suitable for agriculture only accounts for 11% of the country's land area, about 86 million hectares. Among them, more than 80% are pastures, and the area of arable land is only 14 million hectares. Most of them are used to develop animal husbandry, so a large number of imported slaughtering equipment, meat processing equipment and baking equipment are required.
From Nigeria to African countries, the demand for packaging machinery has been demonstrated. Firstly, it relies on the unique geographical and environmental resources of African countries. Some African countries have more developed agriculture, but the corresponding local product packaging cannot meet the production and production output. African countries lack companies that can produce high-quality steel. It is impossible to produce qualified food packaging machinery according to demand. Therefore, the demand for packaging machinery in the African market is conceivable. Whether it is large packaging machinery or small and medium-sized food packaging machinery, the demand in African countries is relatively large. As African countries develop manufacturing, the prospects for food packaging machinery and packaging technology are very positive.

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